Environmental pledge


Environmental pledge

asb law believes in promoting environmental sustainability and is committed to:

  • reducing its environmental impact
  • continually improving environmental performance 
  • promoting positive behaviour throughout our operations

Where practicable we integrate environmental considerations into the design and management of our firm, the procurement of goods and services and the development, operation and maintenance of sites and facilities.

We are committed to the reduction and prevention of pollution and waste and take positive action to conserve energy and other resources; ensuring waste disposal is dealt with in a responsible manner.

More specifically, asb law:

  • operates in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • monitors the environmental impact of our activities and develops ways of minimising this impact
  • purchases environmentally-friendly materials and works in partnership with suppliers, selected on the basis of their own policies, to ‘close the loop’ between supply and consumption
  • actively promotes recycling both internally and amongst our clients, suppliers and employees
  • establishes and participates in programmes for achieving environmental objectives and targets
  • promotes a Green Travel Policy which encourages car sharing and offers a Cycle to Work Scheme

Eco-friendly offices

Our offices are purpose-built and incorporate many energy-efficient features including movement sensitive lighting; energy efficient air handling and single energy electric powered solar reflective glazing. 

At our Kent office, roof top conference facilities overlook a ‘living roof’ feature, with a lawn of sedum moss that helps to insulate the building. 

Our Sussex office has been audited by Crawley Borough Council and we have committed to Crawley Pledge on Climate Change.

Acting responsibly together

Individuals are required to co-operate with the firm in the implementation of this policy by:

  • ensuring that waste is correctly handled, stored and disposed of
  • feeding back any suggestions for pollution prevention, waste reduction or energy conservation