Continuous improvement

Our approach


Continuous improvement

aimThe challenge for any business is to deliver enhanced value whilst reducing costs.

We do this by applying the principles of Lean thinking to the provision of legal services.

Eliminate process waste
= increased flexibility and more capacity
= save costs, save time, manage risk

We aim to continuously improve our internal processes so that we operate efficiently and, ultimately, make cost, resource and time savings.

Why pay for services you don’t need?

We do not make assumptions. We’ll ask you what you value and, just as importantly, what you do not value. We aim to cut out activities that you do not value – waste. Our culture is not to tolerate waste, and we certainly do not expect clients to pay for it.

Waste-less legal advice

We will undertake work only on the basis that it adds value – whether by way of reducing risk, saving costs or saving time.

We‘ll keep things clear, concise and consistent by listening to what you want.

lean thinkingLean at work

Everyone at asb law is encouraged to challenge the established way of doing things and to suggest improvements.

Lean Champions from each team help to coordinate and share ideas across the firm, and lean targets are written into performance measures.

Transform your business

Over recent years, we’ve become quite adept at improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our operations. Our employees are actively involved in questioning not only how we work internally, but also how our clients and suppliers might improve their services. Indeed, we’re collaborating with several business clients to help them apply lean techniques to manage risk.

We firmly believe that we can help most businesses save money by analysing their processes and identifying risk areas which, in the long run, could reduce their longer term legal spend.

If you don’t like waste – and would like to know more about how we can help you transform your business, please contact Andrew Clinton