Management structure

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Management structure

Our management team combines the experience and skills to shape and deliver the firm’s strategy, drive growth and manage change so that we remain flexible, adaptable – and profitable - in a shifting environment.

The heads of our various departments and segment teams report to Andrew Clinton, our managing partner, and a professional support team encompassing HR, marketing, IT and facilities enable our lawyers to do what they do best: focus on the their relationships with our clients.

The management team is led by Andrew Clinton and Nick Lakhani (finance director).

We have a partnership board which is made up of the senior partner, Jonathan Cavell; managing partner, Andrew Clinton; finance director, Nick Lakhani; three elected partners, Helen Mead, Ellen Lambert and Lyndsey Ratcliffe; a non-executive director, Mark Bryant; and the firm's head of HR and development, Michelle Traynor.  The board provides entrepreneurial leadership to the firm within a framework of prudent and effective controls to ensure that risk is properly assessed and managed. We have adopted the Guidance on Board Effectiveness issued by the Financial Reporting Council as part of our formal governance structure.