Our strategy

Our approach


Our strategy

Our starting point is to put our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do, and always to consider the function that we, as professional advisers, fulfil: helping people create value, whether in their personal or business lives, whilst engaging our own people and bringing our core values to life, leading to greater enjoyment at work.

This approach has been distilled into a strategy that everyone within the firm has contributed to and understands.

The main pillars of our strategy are encapsulated within the diagram below:


We recognise that a business has to satisfy the needs of its clients if it is to succeed and that means taking an external view, seeing things from your perspective.  We want to increase the quality of our client relationships and show you the value you gain from using advisers with a different view.

Relationship driven
We don’t want to provide things that clients don’t need and then expect them to pay for them; our focus is simple and transparent servicing of our clients’ requirements, whether for themselves or their business, to achieve their objectives.

Lean thinking
The challenge for any business is to find ways of delivering enhanced value for its customers whilst reducing the costs.  Our response to the challenge has been to apply the principles of Lean thinking to the provision of legal services.

We ask clients what it is they value and, just as importantly, what they don’t.  We look to cut out activities that clients do not value, ie. waste. Our culture is not to tolerate waste, and we certainly do not expect clients to pay for it. 

We are systematically re-engineering our processes and the way in which we deliver legal services.  This enables us to deliver enhanced value at competitive prices.

People make the difference
Most organisations recognise the direct link between people engagement and business success, but not many have a people engagement plan and awards scheme. 

We have designed and implemented a people engagement plan built around four elements:

  • leadership to provide a clear line of sight between our strategy and each individual’s role
  • development to ensure that our managers facilitate and empower their people
  • giving our people an effective, empowered voice
  • we instil strong, transparent values, with the asb culture and way of working demonstrating integrity.