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Head of Employment


Business transformation

Business transformation

Business transformation

Whatever transition you’re facing it is likely that our lawyers have experienced a similar challenge before. Take advantage of that insight and minimise your risks from the start

Organisations don’t succeed by standing still.

By involving asb at the start of any new proposition, you will benefit from a strategic overview of the impact of change and the associated likely risks and obstacles to consider. With this insight we can help you to reach your end goal quickly, efficiently and with minimal risk exposure.

Restructuring a business can involve contractual changes to employees’ terms and conditions, job role changes, compulsory and voluntary redundancies, outsourcing decisions and issues relating to TUPE (transfers of business).

All of these impact on the workforce and require you to stop and think about the legal implications of your actions.

Some of these are highly complex and require not only expert legal advice, but a project planned approach from start to finish.

Engaging your employees from the start is crucial.

We have a wealth of experience of working with Boards and HR teams in planning such sensitive and business critical projects.

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