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Head of Employment


Employment disputes

Employment disputes

Employment disputes

Dealing properly with an internal dispute can turn a negative matter into a positive experience, one that demonstrates your sense of fairness and willingness to resolve issues.

Workplace disputes take up enormous amounts of time, time that could be spent on more positive forms of employee engagement. However, dealing with them is a necessary part of managing a work environment.

We firmly believe you can turn an internal dispute into a positive experience just by handling it properly right from the start.

Our team of experts act quickly and decisively to make sure that your confidential information and customer relationships are protected at all times. 

Grievances and discipline

Grievances and disciplinaries need to be carefully managed. We provide the legal support to ensure processes and outcomes are fair and robust, and we will directly support those investigating the issues to analyse the evidence and ensure that nothing gets missed.

We help you to reach the right outcome for you, and to minimise the knock-on effects of disengagement.

Employment Tribunals

Not all attempts to resolve issues will have a happy ending. Employment Tribunals are almost inevitable in the modern workplace, for both small and large organisations.

We have a wealth of experience in running tribunal claims and we ensure we align ourselves with your strategic objectives. 


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