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Head of Employment


Risk management

Employment risk management

Risk management

Your employees can help propel your business forward, but occasionally they can also derail it.

However many employees you have, without proper employee management processes, documents and training in place, you could find yourself spending valuable time resolving employee issues that are easily avoided

We prefer to help you save on the expense and inconvenience of dealing with disputes by advising you at an earlier stage and managing and anticipating your employee risks from the start.

We do this by focussing on three key areas:

  • identifying where your employment documentation might let you down and putting in place the right contracts for the right people. Updating contracts is not a chore – it can save you money and time in the longer term.
  • auditing your grievances, disciplinaries and tribunal claims to identify why your employees are bringing claims
  • training your managers to ensure that they are fully equipped - not only with the most up to date knowledge but also with guidance on best practice in your sector

We also work closely with our colleagues in Dispute Resolution to identify and manage risk in areas of employee regulation and financial compliance.

tFor more information on employment risk management and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Rebecca Jorgensen, Head of Employment.

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