Debbie Venn
Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications


Collaboration & joint ventures

Collaboation & joint ventures


Debbie Venn
Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Collaboration & joint ventures

Effective collaboration and partnering can help you develop new offerings, access new markets or present comprehensive service solutions to your customers. 

This could provide a one-off solution in response to a customer need, or a long-term strategic joint venture for ongoing sales opportunities.

It’s essential to get the legal framework right: be clear about what each party is bringing to the relationship; identify roles and responsibilities; work out who owns or has the right to use the outcome of your collaborative endeavours.

We’ll guide you through:

  • identifying the correct structure – joint venture, partnership, commercial collaboration
  • protecting intellectual rights and ownership of outputs
  • managing and controlling operations
  • investment and finance
  • staffing and people management
  • exit management
  • deadlock issues and resolution
  • dispute resolution

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