Helen Mead
Partner, Head of Corporate Finance


Forming & running your business

Forming & running your business


Helen Mead
Partner, Head of Corporate Finance


Forming & running your business

What legal form your business takes can have significant implications on your personal risk, your stakeholder relationships and your potential for financial returns

The way you choose to administer, direct and control your business is fundamental to any organisation, whatever its size.

An important theme of corporate governance is the nature and extent of accountability of particular individuals in the organisation.

Legislative changes or the general evolution of a business (such as adding new shareholders) may result in the need to review existing corporate documentation.

Whether you are reviewing documents relating to an existing business, or seeking to establish a new business, it is essential to consider the operational implications for the future as well as your immediate needs.

You will need to consider the terms of:

  • your partnership agreement, if appropriate
  • your company’s articles of association in view of the Companies Act 2006 changes 
  • your current or proposed shareholders’ agreement
  • any current or proposed joint venture agreements

We regularly advise on directors’ duties, changes to share structures and on director and shareholder decision making.

We are also able to advise the boards of larger private companies and plcs on corporate governance and directors’ responsibilities and liabilities.

Helen Mead, Partner, Head of Coporate FinanceFor more information on forming and running your business and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Helen Mead, Partner, Head of Corporate Finance.

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