Claire Williams
Partner, Corporate Finance


Kent Corporate Finance Alliance (KCFA)

Kent corporate finance alliance (KCFA)


Claire Williams
Partner, Corporate Finance

Kent Corporate Finance Alliance (KCFA)

All the connections you’ll ever need

asb law is one of the founders of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance, an independent coalition of specialists including lawyers, accountants, private equity houses, banks and other advisers, all of whom operate in and around Kent and have a real understanding of the regional business environment – and very useful contact books!KCFA-Logo-V1_JPEG_small

The various people from the corporate community came together to network and explore the potential for working together.  The popularity of these events proved there was a willingness to collaborate and a useful service we could provide: a readily accessible hub of professional advisers and information.

Our shared passion is a commitment to support and develop the businesses within the region.

Whatever advice or assistance you might need to manage and develop your business it can be found within the KCFA, and the members are proof that you don’t need to go to the City for professional services: the highest quality, expert advice at a reasonable cost is available right on your doorstep. 

The Alliance’s objectives are as follows:

  • to develop strong, multi-disciplinary 'trusted-adviser' relationships with regional business leaders
  • to provide an independent signposting service to specialist local advisers for established and developing businesses in the region
  • to provide corporate and transactional advice to companies to maximise shareholder value
  • to develop a network of funding sources prepared to invest in regional businesses
  • to support regional businesses to maximise economic growth and employment
  • to liaise with local government agencies and other organisations to support regional economic development

If we can’t help you ourselves, rest assured that we’ll introduce you to someone who can.

 Claire Williams, Partner, Corporate Finance For more information on Kent Corporate Finance Alliance please contact Claire Williams, Partner, Corporate Finance.

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