Helen Mead
Partner, Head of Corporate Finance





Helen Mead
Partner, Head of Corporate Finance



Delivering organisational change that is comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable

The reasons for considering restructuring a business can be as varied as the business owners themselves. In our experience they tend to fall broadly into three categories:

  • administrative
  • simplifying share capital 
  • raising finance

Whatever your aims, you don’t have to waste time dealing with several agencies to achieve them. We provide a seamless service encompassing and coordinating input from other professional advisers on your behalf.

Our corporate team provide practical guidance throughout any restructuring process, and we can call upon the skills and knowledge of colleagues in other teams to advise on employment law, tax, property and contracts.

Why consider restructuring?


Your ownership structure may have become complex over time and restructuring may improve the flow of funds (such as dividends).

Simplifying share capital

If incorporated, your business may have too much or too little share capital, or earlier share dealings may have left a cumbersome group structure that needs to be tidied up. Restructuring can resolve this and can include the:

  • removal of dormant companies
  • reduction or sub-division of share capital
  • rearrangement of shares into a more simplified model

Raising finance

In times of economic crisis business owners and managers may decide that there are parts of their business which are more attractive to lenders than others. Restructuring, or splitting, an enterprise into several businesses may make management more efficient or attractive to investors and creditors. It can also make the task of disposing parts of the organisation more straightforward.

Helen Mead, Partner, Head of Corporate FinanceFor more information on restructuring and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Helen Mead, Partner, Head of Corporate Finance.

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