Debbie Venn
Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications


Doing business online

Doing business online


Debbie Venn
Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Doing business online

Your website is your shop window: scope the content and functionality carefully and protect your position in online transactions

Even if you don’t sell online, your website is often the first port of call when prospective customers want to check out your credentials.

Most businesses outsource website development. If you do too, you’ll need to prepare a framework to manage the scope of the project and look after your interests post go live.

We advise on commercial agreements, from both a supplier and buyer perspective, to ensure your website development project, and the continued provision of services, meets your needs.

We can also assist with licensing content used on your site to ensure there are no arguments down the line.

If your business trades online, you will also need to consider:

  • terms and conditions of trading and online terms of business
  • website policies, including terms of use and any relevant subscription terms for online service provision (including access issues)
  • distance selling advice, including advice in respect of e-commerce compliance matters
  • domain name disputes
  • e-marketing issues, including privacy rights and statements
  • data protection compliance, including advice relating to notification under the Data Protection Act
  • prevention of fraud

Our expertise in these areas stretches to both the commercial and contentious fields, therefore we can help you get it right initially, or if things go wrong!

Debbie Venn, Associate, Head of TMT, CommercialFor more information on doing business online and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Debbie Venn, Partner and Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

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