Jonathan Cavell
Senior Partner, Head of Property





Jonathan Cavell
Senior Partner, Head of Property


Construction is a risky business, both financially and legally.  Construction contracts are not for the faint hearted, nor for the non-specialist lawyer.

Whether you are seeking or providing funding, to deliver a successful and cost effective construction project you need the paperwork to be spot-on!

Equally true if you are looking to attract purchasers or tenants.

We know the industry well, and will use that knowledge to support you in achieving a successful project outcome.

Whether it’s getting the risk balance right between developer and contractor, or drafting warranties to offer prospective buyers, you have access to dedicated industry expertise. Once we understand your requirements, we can make sure that the contracts put in place minimise the risk of problems down the line, and put you in a strong position if disputes do arise.

We adopt a ‘whole project’ approach from conception to completion. Our construction team provides dedicated, industry specific advice based on years of experience acting on significant projects, both regional and national.

The list below will give you a flavour of what we can help you with.  Our actual expertise extends way beyond it:

  • development agreements
  • standard or bespoke building contracts and sub-contracts
  • design team appointments
  • collateral warranties
  • bonds and performance guarantees
  • novation and assignment

Jonathan Cavell, Partner, Head of Property, asb lawFor more information on our construction law services and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Jonathan Cavell, Senior Partner, Head of Property Services.

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