Andrew Frake
Associate, Dispute Resolution


Acting for insolvency practitioners

Acting for insolvency practitioners


Andrew Frake
Associate, Dispute Resolution

Acting for insolvency practitioners

Providing practical advice that enables you to achieve your objective of distributing monies to secured and unsecured creditors

From our long-standing relationships with Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) we know that, apart from an excellent grounding in insolvency law and practice, you want your legal advisers to be straight-talking and practical.

We understand the pressures exerted on your fees, the constraints you are under when incurring and paying legal fees, and your desire to fulfil your role without being exposed to personal liability or undue criticism.

Understandably your main priority is to get on with the job in hand with minimum fuss.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, flexible and constructive and we handle both contentious and non contentious work for a variety of Insolvency Practitioners.

We can assist you on all aspects of corporate recovery work including:

  • setting aside antecedent transactions (preferences, transactions at undervalue etc)
  • misfeasance and breach of duty claims against directors
  • wrongful and fraudulent trading
  • investigations and asset recovery
  • retention of title claims

We understand that, when embarking on a recovery exercise, your objective is to provide a distribution to creditors rather than to maximise the recovery from the defendant.

We can advise you on administration appointments, administration sales, and all matters arising during the conduct of an administration.

We can help you determine the validity and extent of creditor claims, and of security that creditors claim to hold.

We can guide you on the issue of whether creditors can maintain claims as expenses of the administration or liquidation, and how best to mitigate the position.

We can also help you protect your position, dealing with any criticisms made by creditors, and any challenges to your remuneration.

Andrew Frake, Associate, Dispute ResolutionFor more information on experience acting for insolvency practitioners and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Andrew Frake, Associate, Dispute Resolution.

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