Lyndsey Ratcliffe
Head of Large Corporate Relationships


Legal services for corporate counsel


Lyndsey Ratcliffe
Head of Large Corporate Relationships

Legal services for corporate counsel

Innovative and seamless support tailored to your needs

Over the past few years our dedicated team has immersed itself in your world to understand your challenges, your relationship with your business and the support you need from your partners.

We have canvassed over 500 General Counsel and Heads of Legal across a range of industries globally, and undertaken extensive research to create a truly bespoke service designed to achieve your objectives and make your life easier.

You have told us you want:

  • partnership, collaboration, trust and alignment
  • accountability and risk share
  • value and outcome-based pricing
  • insight, direction and tactical capability
  • quality legal advice and commercial solutions, delivered in business ready format
  • transparency and no surprises
  • personal support.

And we have transformed

We recognise that you need us to work differently and that the traditional operating model of a law firm does not offer clients the best value.

We have responded by:

  • transforming our business model to achieve alignment and deliver your objectives
  • restructuring our operations to breakdown transactional silos and provide a truly client centric focus
  • recruiting an experienced GC to manage our Business Services unit and oversee our delivery teams
  • redesigning our reward and recognition programme to measure client satisfaction, not financial performance
  • investing time and resource from the outset to ensure that we understand your needs and preferences and are an integrated part of your team
  • developing tailored service propositions designed to offer personal support and meet your evolving needs
  • collaborating with other providers to offer holistic and cost effective solutions, ensuring that all work is right sourced and right tasked - read about our strategic alliance with a leading legal solutions and technology provider, NewGalexy 
  • adopting LEAN methodologies and continuous improvement to drive efficiencies and eliminate waste
  • implementing legal project management to ensure that projects are delivered to scope, time and cost
  • investing in client facing technology to enhance your experience and provide visibility, reporting and ultimately control
  • discarding old pricing models in favour of mutually beneficial, flexible and outcome focused pricing
  • investing in learning and development to maintain quality and hone soft skills and business acumen.

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Lyndsey Ratcliffe, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, asb lawTo learn more about how we are disrupting the status quo and building our business to deliver your strategy, please contact Lyndsey Ratcliffe on +44 (0)1293 603611.

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