Jonathan Cavell
Senior Partner, Head of Property Services


Real estate


Jonathan Cavell
Senior Partner, Head of Property Services

Real estate

Setting the boundaries on your property risk with legal advice that works in business

asb law combines genuine market awareness with an exceptional understanding of the processes, limitations and risks involved in managing, developing and investing in commercial property.

Our insight into the real estate sector means that guidance is not limited to straightforward legal advice – we take an active interest in how you work and deliver solutions that fit your needs.

We deliver flexible legal solutions to:

Investors and asset managers

asb’s property lawyers have considerable experience in all aspects of buying, leasing and selling commercial property investments. We can ensure the right balance is struck between keeping your assets producing income and their future marketability.

Developers and traders

We understand the importance of timing when it comes to seizing opportunities. That’s why we try to help you contextualise the risk of any new project. Rather than providing a list of issues to consider, we’ll look at how we can help you make things happen so that you don’t miss that perfect opportunity.

Corporate real estate owners

A clear property strategy is an essential part of your business plan; if your property portfolio is fit for purpose, you control costs and enhance profitability. We work with you to ensure that your property not only meets your needs but helps to deliver a better outcome for your business. We understand the importance of the decisions you’ll be making and are willing to share that accountability through the advice we give. 

Jonathan Cavell, Partner, Head of Property, asb lawThe starting point for any new project is a frank and open conversation about your aspirations. For more details, or to start a conversation, please contact Jonathan Cavell, Senior Partner, Head of Property Services.

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