Glen Miles
Partner, Head of Vulnerable People


Vulnerable people

Vulnerable People


Glen Miles
Partner, Head of Vulnerable People

Vulnerable people

Our legal specialists help people who can’t always manage everything themselves.

We help to protect the interests and future wellbeing of clients, including vulnerable and older people, who lack the capacity or confidence to look after their own affairs.

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It’s a big responsibility, and our experience enables us to offer a professional, tailored service that adapts to the needs of every individual; your welfare is paramount.  But as part of your support team, we’re sensitive to the concerns of the families and carers involved too.

  • We support and empower individuals, wherever possible, to make decisions for themselves.
  • We arrange for other support mechanisms such as an Attorney or Court appointed Deputy to be put in place where necessary.
  • We advise on how best to protect and manage assets to support and improve your quality of life.
  • We advise families on how to provide for a vulnerable person both now and in the future using Wills and trusts.
  • We work with a range of experts and organisations that might also be of help - carers, occupational therapists, care homes, insurers, charities, support groups and many more.

Our lawyers have many years’ experience working with people in vulnerable situations, and their carers, and acting as deputies and attorneys; they understand your concerns, and know what is important to you.  Whatever your personal circumstances or if you are seeking advice on behalf of a loved one, use our expertise to your benefit.

Glen Miles, Partner, Head of Vulnerable People, Private ClientFor more information on our services for vulnerable people and their families and to start a conversation on how we can help please contact Glen Miles, Head of Vulnerable People (Partner, Private Client).

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