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Special interest trusts

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Glen Miles
Partner, Head of Vulnerable People

Special interest trusts

Vulnerable beneficiary trusts guide

A trust is a tool that can be used in many circumstances to protect assets or minimise tax.  Their terms and flexibility can vary significantly, and a trust can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable beneficiaries.

For example, you might use a trust to:

  • hold an inheritance for a person with a learning or other disability to provide additional support beyond the basic care provided by the State to enhance life
  • Personal injury trustsprotect a personal injury award from care costs, or to avoid the loss of means-tested benefits 
  • avoid assets being used to provide care, or to fund enhanced levels of care from third-party providers
  • avoid the need for a Court of Protection Deputy or Lasting Power of Attorney to manage an individual’s assets

Whilst HMRC recognises a vulnerable person’s trust status, the choice of trust, its tax treatment and the technical jargon make this area a minefield to negotiate without proper guidance.  We regularly advise on the alternatives available and can help to prepare a trust that accurately reflects your wishes.

You’ll find more information in our Guide to Personal Injury Trusts and Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries.

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