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If you ask, you’ll find we can offer an opinion on most things.  Actually, you don’t usually need to ask!

Here you will find articles commissioned for publication in the regional and trade press, articles produced for our e-bulletins, and pieces we’ve written just for the website to offer some insight into what’s happening in the legal world, what we think about it – and what the implications are.

  • Article - 30 Mar 2012
    Planning system overhaul – progress and protection?
    Along with everyone else with an interest in planning matters, asb law’s resident expert, Francesca de Vita, was keen to hear the detail of the much-heralded National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).... READ MORE
  • Article - 21 Mar 2012
    Are no fault dismissals better for small businesses?
    The government recently asked employers, employees and other interested parties to comment on a proposal to introduce ‘no fault’ dismissals for businesses with fewer than 10 employees.... READ MORE
  • Article - 15 Mar 2012
    Mission statements
    In the last three months alone, the Government has been particularly active and vocal on a number of proposals.... READ MORE
  • Article - 14 Mar 2012
    Fixed term contracts and collective consultation. Or not.
    There has been a long held - and previously unchallenged - understanding that the expiry and non-renewal of a fixed term contract of three months or more would bring such a termination within the ambit of the collective redundancies legislation.... READ MORE
  • Article - 13 Mar 2012
    Independent Schools v Charity Commission - and the winner is?
    Depending on what websites/newspapers you read and who you speak to, you would be forgiven for still being uncertain as to who won the heavyweight bout that was, in the blue corner, The Independent Schools Council (ISC) and, in the red corner, the Charity Commission for England & Wales (with the referee for the event, the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery) Chamber).... READ MORE
  • Article - 7 Mar 2012
    How a professional Deputy can lighten the load
    If you were to lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself – it could be health and welfare or financial matters – and there’s no valid power of attorney in place to pass the responsibility to someone else, the Court of Protection can be asked to step in and do it for you.... READ MORE
  • Article - 6 Mar 2012
    Where is my pension going?
    For many people in the UK their pension fund can typically be the second largest asset they own after their home. What continues to puzzle me, in my role as a financial planner, is the number of people with pension arrangements who have done little or nothing to determine what happens to their funds in the event of death.... READ MORE
  • Article - 5 Mar 2012
    Rulebook reshuffle – the new Family Procedure Rules 2010
    When new procedures were mooted some time ago, our Family team wondered if everything they’d ever learned about the process for family law would become redundant. They needn’t have worried too much…... READ MORE
  • Article - 4 Mar 2012
    Being Concerned in the Management of a Company – What Does it Mean?
    What sort of scenario springs to mind when we think of “management” in general terms, let alone when we think of what constitutes “management of a company”? Control? Influence over how a business is controlled? Making decisions?... READ MORE
  • Article - 1 Mar 2012
    Energy v Industry?
    The Energy Act 2011 has snuck in a nasty surprise for many landlords of industrial property.... READ MORE

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