It’s all about apprenticeships

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It’s all about apprenticeships

Andrew Knorpel, Partner, Head of EducationAt the recent Association of Colleges conference, Vince Cable saw the expansion and greater focussing of apprenticeships as the first of three main tasks for the FE sector.  He referred to the recent review by Doug Richard on how to improve employer engagement in apprenticeships. 

As well as a proposed focus on increasing the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the review recommended significant changes to the assessment of apprenticeships which would in future mainly take place at the end of a course and be independent of the training provider.  Mr Richard suggested that employers should only receive payment for the courses once this external assessment had been completed.  Whilst recognising that this might in the first instance seem to be to the disadvantage of many SMEs for cash flow reasons, training providers could assist by agreeing to defer payment of their fees until after the SME had received payment.  But what about the cash flow of the training provider …

Other recommendations in the Richard review included minimum standards of achievement in maths and English, a minimum course duration with mandatory off-site learning and a focus on those staff taking on new roles for which they require substantial training.  In other words, no short courses for employees simply to tick a box. 

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Published: 12 Dec 2012

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