Whiplash incident results in £2.4 million compensation

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Whiplash incident results in £2.4 million compensation

Alison Parker, Head of Aspire Personal InjuryAn apparently minor whiplash injury that subsequently resulted in the victim suffering a stroke has resulted in a £2.4million settlement.

The accident occurred in slow moving traffic in 2008.  What initially appeared to be a fairly minor ‘shunt’ had actually caused the man’s carotid artery to rupture, which led to him suffering a serious stroke a month later.  He now suffers grand mal seizures and has difficulty with his concentration and short term memory, and has been unable to return to work.

According to Alison Parker, head of asb Aspire, the case once again illustrates the importance of instructing lawyers who are specialists in the field of personal injury, even in cases which look low value and straightforward at the beginning.

“All too often more serious symptoms develop after an ostensibly trivial accident, which need specialist attention,” says Alison. “In this case one of the most important aspects was proving with the right expert medical evidence that the stroke was a direct result of the whiplash injury; once that was established, the financial losses and expenses follow.”

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Published: 11 Dec 2012

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