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You’ll find useful guides specific to particular departments on numerous pages across this website, but in case there’s anything you’ve overlooked, here is a complete list of the resources available to download.

Click on the headings to view and download our guides.

  • Knowledge guide - 28 Jan 2016
    Family Law Information Pack
    Download a detailed guide to our family law services...
  • Knowledge guide - 16 Oct 2015
    Maturity Model
    Internal pressures and external opportunities are leading progressive legal teams to explore fundamental change - where is your legal team on the maturity scale?...
  • Knowledge guide - 17 Jul 2015
    Moving towards your target operating model
    This report follows on from 2020 Vision Transforming the legal function and outlines key stages in the transformation cycle – identifying and moving towards your Target Operating Model...
  • Knowledge guide - 14 Nov 2014
    The future of air travel
    asb's Head of Travel, Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, joined senior executives from the airline industry including Emirates, Thomson Airways and easyJet, in a roundtable debating “The airline operating model of the future” - read the report...
  • Knowlege guide - 14 Nov 2014
    The legal status of drones
    Humphrey Dawson, aviation consultant at asb law LLP, in an article published in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s AEROSPACE magazine 01 August 2014, highlights the potential repercussions of this legislative gap....
  • Knowledge guide - 31 Oct 2014
    2020 vision for in-house legal
    At the Corporate Counsel Exchange, Amsterdam October 2014, we asked 30 corporate counsel to consider how their roles and teams will change in 2020. Their collective thoughts and the advice that each corporate counsel gave to their modern day selves on how to prepare for the challenges of the future are detailed in this report....
  • Knowledge guide - 29 Oct 2014
    Services for General Counsel
    Creating workable, effective solutions for corporate counsel...
  • Knowledge guide - 6 May 2014
    GCs Time to change
    Feedback from the Corporate Counsel roundtable- April 2014...
  • Knowledge guide - 10 Jun 2013
    Serious injury brochure
    Download a guide to our Serious Injury services and experience...
  • Knowledge guide - 25 Mar 2013
    EU air passenger rights proposals
    Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council...

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