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You’ll find useful guides specific to particular departments on numerous pages across this website, but in case there’s anything you’ve overlooked, here is a complete list of the resources available to download.

Click on the headings to view and download our guides.

  • Knowledge guide - 15 Mar 2017
    Guide to parental rights
    Parental responsibility is a term often used when considering a parents role, but what does it actually mean?...
  • Knowledge Guide - 15 Mar 2017
    Children's rights on divorce
    Understanding the rights of children in the divorce process and the extent to which their wishes should be considered...
  • Knowledge Guide - 15 Mar 2017
    Guide to spousal maintenance
    Whilst the starting point for the division of capital is an equal share, the same cannot be said for income. It is not always the case that income should be equalised on divorce....
  • Knowledge guide - 15 Mar 2017
    Guide to mediation
    With both the costs and delays of contested Court proceedings, mediation is becoming an increasingly popular form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. But what is involved and how does it work?...
  • Knowledge guide - 15 Sep 2016
    Wealth Preservation
    Pragmatic advice to help you protect your personal and business assets...
  • Knowledge guide - 5 Jul 2016
    Elderly client and persons at risk client agreement
    At asb law we ensure that our firm and every member of staff treat clients, their families and representatives with dignity, kindness and respect at all times. This agreement sets out our guiding principles when dealing with elderly clients and persons at risk....
  • Knowledge guide - 11 May 2016
    Guide to acting as a trustee (PDF)
    A trustee holds property for the beneficiaries of a trust or settlement, but who can be a trustee and what are their duties?...
  • Knowledge guide - 11 May 2016
    Guide to Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) (PDF)
    The impact of IHT and how you might reduce the burden...
  • Knowledge guide - 11 May 2016
    Guide to trusts (PDF)
    A three-page guide to what trusts are and why you would use them...
  • Knowledge guide - 11 May 2016
    Factsheet - When someone dies (PDF)
    What needs to be done when someone dies - when, who does it and in what order?...

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