Air travel - senior aviation executives debate the future

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Air travel - senior aviation executives debate the future

asb's Head of Travel & Aviation, Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, joined senior executives from the airline industry including Emirates, Thomson Airways and easyJet, in a roundtable last week debating “The airline operating model of the future”.

Laurie Berryman and Matt WoodAlso present were representatives from Gatwick Airport, London Executive Jet and member organisation, BBGA, to discuss key issues shaping the supply of air travel over the next ten years. 

The roundtable was hosted by Philip Cunliffe, Specialist Publications Editor at Insider - read what everyone had to say:

Read Insider's roundtable overview: John Murphy, Thomson Airways
The airline operating model of the future

At the top of the agenda, unsurprisingly perhaps, was the customer experience. All participants agreed that carriers will increasingly be balancing customer value and demand pressures against issues relating to resources, customs, security, baggage handling, fuel costs, taxation and infrastructure.

Glenn Bradley and Marc Baileysuccessful companies are looking at
ways to become smarter about
every aspect of the customer journey 

Mounting pressure of taxation was identified as counterproductive to customer value delivery. Closely allied to this were concerns over the effects of denied boarding legislation which, whilst designed to protect passenger rights, in the longer term could have a detrimental effect, encouraging a compensation culture which increases flight costs where airlines struggle to absorb liabilities. Patrick MArgetson-Rushmore Rebecca Thornley-Gibson

Innovation was seen as key to delivering value either by lowering costs, enhancing the experience or making better use of resources. The scope and effect of potential change can perhaps best be estimated by looking back at how much has transformed over the last ten years. Self check-in, smart baggage tagging, reducing aircraft weight, online booking etc – dots on the horizon in 2004 have quickly become the norm.

Participants were:

  • Laurie Berryman, VP, Emirates UK
  • Matt Wood, Head of Airline Relations, Gatwick Airport
  • John Murphy, MD, Thomson Airways
  • Glenn Bradley, Head of Aircraft Operations, easyJet
  • Marc Bailey, CEO, BBGA
  • Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, CEO, London Executive Aviation
  • Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, Head of Travel & Aviation, asb law

Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, Partner, Employment & Head of Travel, asb lawIf you have travel or aviation related enquiries, please contact Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, Partner and Head of Travel team.

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Published: 30 Sep 2014

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